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Dr. R Varadarajan

I welcome all my students, teachers and parents in the new academic year to our school. It gives me immense pleasure to see that the school has settled down well in the new premises and my students are growing intellectually, physically, culturally, aesthetically and spiritually.

The introduction of the Early Years Programme & Primary Years Programme is an exemplary step towards making our students globally competitive.

We are planning to have Middle School Years (Grades VI, VII, VIII), IGCSE and IBDP I & II in the coming years.

At NESISD, we believe that every child entrusted to our care has multiple hidden ingenuity. Our endeavor is to empower each of them to achieve their total potentials beyond conventional academic success.

We aim at influencing positively the lives of these young ones so vigorously that they transform into world players.

To actualize this vision for the quintessential transformation of our children, I expect the parents to play a proactive role and strengthen the educational endeavors of the school.

The school has introduced innovative methods in classroom processes, meticulous planning, expertise, training, process analyzing and inspection, to ensure greater learning outcomes.

Collaborations with foreign universities are also in the offing to provide a one-stop campus for all international education.

At NESISD we not only educate every child, but we educate for a highly flourishing future with potentials to withstand all challenges and make the nation glorious.